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Global Quakes and Sweeps

Starting in March 2003, the live seismosgraphs around the world exhibited a simultaneous shudder. Weeks later, it happened again, and then a steady pattern emerged. The shudders were occurring when the Atlantic Rift was facing the Sun and the approaching Planet X, at the Face point of 12:00 UTC or when it was in opposition on the Dark side at 00:00 UTC. The Zetas explained this was due to the Atlantic Rift being grabbed by Planet X and either held back or pulled forward. A large magnet wants all lesser magnets in the vicinity to line up, and having the Atlantic Rift bow out to the side during rotation was not in keeping with this rule. This pattern of periodic Global shuddering at the Face or Dark points was documented from May 2003 until July 2004, along with USGS attempts to downplay the increasing quakes the globe was experiencing.

By April 2004, the pattern had moved to include excessing shuddering during what the Zetas called the Sweeping Arms of the Sun. The Earth's dark twin had come round behind it and the Earth was being bumped from the rear. In addition, Venus had been caught in the eddy flow in front of Planet X along with Earth, and was likewise creating ricochet. The results of these Sweeps on the battered Earth were documented until June 2005 and showed a clear pattern of disasters in step with the sweeps.