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Red Moon, Red Dust

things which must shortly come to pass;
And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters, and they became blood.
Bible, Book of Revelations
A second countdown sign is a fine red dust, unmistakable as it cannot be confused with any other natural occurrence. Ponds and rivers turn red, the blood color mentioned in the Bible's book of Revelations, with this iron ore dust giving the water a brackish taste. This countdown sign comes almost in step with the rapid slowing in rotation, as the 12th Planet must be between the Earth and the Sun for the trash in its tail to be sweeping the Earth. Again, this occurs a day or so before rotation stops.
ZetaTalk™: Countdown Signs

Note, this is not the heavy red dust coming in step with hail and other tail trash just hours before the shift, also mentioned in ZetaTalk as a countdown to the hour of the shift. What is being discussed here is a fine red dust, which can be missed.

As of June 11 2003, this was noticed as a Red Moon.

Tonight, June 11 2003, there appears to be a small halo around the moon. The wierd thing is that it is of an orange-red hue. ... The moon in Florida last night, June 14 2003 was very bright, and a luminating red, pinkish halo around the entire circumference of Moon. ... Full moon last night, June 14 2003, in the Midwest USA had pale reddish cast to it, not at moonrise but high in night sky. ... Large red halo around Moon last night, June 14 2003. Have seen it now for 3 nights in a row. ... Yesterday, June 14 2003, in Sweden at midnight, the full-moon was completely orange. ... We live on the south coast of England and at 11 PM on June 14 2003 we were very surprised to see the moon, which was full, looking orange with a darker band of orange around its circumference. ... [July 7 2003] Starting to seen red colors around the moon in Thailand took with digital camera zoom 16x.
... Usually a full moon is quite yellow or off white. I've never seen one this red. The sky was clear [July 14 2003] in Colorado.

... Tonight around midnight in California [Aug 7 2003], the moon had a reddish/orange hue around it. ... In London [Aug 8 2003], the moon was very red. ... Here in Holland [Aug 8 2003] was very red and big. ... Here in Montreal [Aug 13 2003] the Moon was huge, blood red, red as the rear lights of the car I was following on the highway. ... and from the Midwest [Sep 2 2003]

... I am located in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have never ever ever seen the moon that red [Oct 12 2003]. It was a deep, dull red. ... Last night in Ohio [Oct 12 2003] the full moon was absolutely the color of blood! ... In Central Texas [Oct 12 2003] it was so dark red that you could just barely see the outline. ... and from Cairo [Oct 14 2003]

... A deep red crescent moon over eastern central Nebraska [Oct 29 2003]

.. Last night [Oct 30 2003] for the first time here in Moscow I have seen a red Moon with my own eyes. Approaching the horizon, the Moon turned blood-red. This made me feel very uneasy, to say at least. ... I took this picture in Norway at about 7:40 PM [Jan 8 2004] There is the large halo, with brownish outer lines.

... The Moon is to turn blood-red during a total lunar eclipse [May 4 2004] in UK skies, the Royal Astronomical Society has said.

... This photo I just made here in Moscow
[May 4 2004]. It seems to me too red.

... Driving home from the night shift at 3:27 AM
[Jun 2 2004] I saw the Moon over the roofs, direction SW, and first thought it were an illuminated orange-red ballon. But it was the Moon, covered in reddish veil. ... In southern Canada [Jun 3, 2005] I've witnessed several blood red moons. It looked as if somebody spilled red paint all over it. ... Last night [Jun 25, 2005], the Moon was a deep, blood red, and the skies were clear and there is no smog where I am east of Austin, TX …Here in Ohio [Jun 25, 2005], the Moon is up and is still a very blood red.




As of June 15 2003, a Red Dust was lightly dusting.

Last night, June 15 2003I ran my hand across the hood of the car. There was a fine black, pinkish dust covering my hands and my feet were also covered with this dust as I had gone out barefoot. ... I drive a white car, and by the time I arrived in Seattle, June 16 2003, it had a light pinkish/reddish dusting on it. When I washed my car later, it was like rinsing off Koolaid. It actually stained the paint. ... I have been noticing a lot of red dust lately in my hometown (Nashville, TN). It's been in many different areas. Just yesterday, June 17 2003, we collected samples that were coating tree leaves. ... The roadways in British Columbia [June 30 2003] have a fine reddish dirt on the gravel sides and there is no red dirt in this region ...The red dust is coming in thick here on the West Coast of Florida. Tonight [July 3 2003] the dust is even thicker then last night and is beginning to settle on the cars here. ... In Arizona [July 8 2003] I noticed a pinkish film on my grey car. I took a plain white paper towel and swiped it over the hood and found a pink residue on the paper towel! ... For at least two weeks now [July 13 2003] my pool and bird bath are covered with the red dust. ... My birdbath in the AM [July 13 2003], the water is red.The birds won't drink it till I change it. No it is not rust. ... I live in Michigan and we have seen this same reddish brown dust both in the air and on the ground for many days now [July 19 2003]. Prominent enough in the air and clouds to leave a film on carhoods and patio furniture. ... I now live in Florida [July 19 2003] and we are seeing this stuff all over the place here on the west coast. ... [Aug 7 2003] Red streaks over Vancouver. Global Television out of Vancouver is talking at great length about it! Their Environment meteorologist cannot figure it out. ... Notes from a flat roof buiding at around 3000 ft. above sea level, on top of a mountain in the Apalachians. After a rain [Sep 9 2003] we have small pudles of water here and there. After the past, say three rains, I`ve noticed dust accumulating in these puddles. When the puddles dry, the dust is getting thicker each time. When the dust first comes down , it looks redish, then turns more yellow. After the dust drys , it looks like rust. Just started doing this in the past 1 and 1/2 weeks, maybe two. No industry for hundreds of miles, nothing that could make this dust. In all my life , I have never seen this before, 58 years. The air here is very clean, known for its health beneits. ... There was a lot of red dust last evening partly over the whole sky [Oct 1 2003]. Looked like an image of rolling hair. These clouds were brown-reddish and clearly differed from those common plumpy, blue-grey clouds which also were in the sky last evening. They also moved faster than the common. Around the Sun and far out, it was self-illuminated reddish. Never seen anything like it! ... A few nights ago [Oct 24 2003] in Eugene, OR, the moon was red. I have never seen anything like that before. Also, the sunsets and clouds are increasingly red, and there has been a fine red/brown powder on my roommate's car. ... Overnight, in San Diego [Nov 23 2003] I found that a layer of fine pink dust had covered my vehicle. Within three hours, more of this fine dust has covered my truck. ... Where Did Red Dust Come From? [Dec 16 2003] from Texas to Michigan Illinois: it looked more like the oxidation that settles on iron after you get it wet. Arkansas: deep red dust (from rain) everywhere. It is hard to wash off. Texas: I am unsure what it is for certain but it is not soil. Michigan: It rained red from Kalamazoo to Muskegon. ... In Eugene Oregon tonight [Jan 20 2004] it looks like clouds of red dust raining down from puffy white clouds and there is a very strange electric/metallic smell to the air. ... Two days ago [Feb 22 2004] in South Poland the TV reported the snow was ore coloured, everywhere. ... On TV in Russia [Feb 24 2004] in Moscow the snow with a pink shade has fallen. ... [Sep 1 2004] orange dust coated Detroit. ... The rocking chair in my patio [May 6, 2005] in Italy took the rain and filtered the dust, a very fine dust, similar to iron oxide dust.

... In Sardinia [Jun 2, 2005] it rained red dust. ... In Peterborough, Ontario [Jun 26, 2005], we have red dust buildup in our white plastic bird bath and local news reports one lady with red dust in her bird bath in Toronto, Canada area. Smog is being blamed. ... in Chicago [Jan 6, 2006] NBC It's not your imagination if you've walked outside and noticed a rusty colored dust sprinkled all over your car. The strange rusty powder appeared on cars in the Chicago area this week.

[Feb 2, 2007] Orange Snow in Siberia, with high iron content

[May 14, 2007] Red dust at a Summer residence in Russia in bathing with water which stood for the past year! Water became red color, and on the edges there was a wet red dust! Also there was red dust and in a city fountain directly at the bottom. Predictably the dust contains iron as when in water it aligns on a magnet!

I recently noticed [July 12, 2007] red dust as a leftover from years on a never used plastic chair on my balcony in Germany. That chair was standing outdoors but under a roof. I put some of the red dust on a piece of paper and checked it out with a strong magnet. The dust turned out to be magnetic. It is iron oxide.

As of June 16 2003, a Red Sky was visible worldwide.

The sunset tonight, June 16 2003, in Montreal looked strange too, much redder than I´ve seen. It was red, red red. ... I live in L.A. and, June 24 2003, the clouds have a very reddish tint to them. Very unusual, and you never see sunsets like this in L.A. ... At about midnight, June 24 2003, over here in Scotland, the clouds seemed to appear to have a reddish-pinkish colour. I haven't seen this before. ... A group of us have been observing, in Melbourne Australia over the last week [Jun 28 2003], a thick cloud, a red color. It was more noticeable about 3-4 hours before sunrise in the cloud towards the eastern horizon. ... Last night on June 28 2003 at about 10:00PM, here in Glasgow, Scotland the sky was red! ... Also noted here in Maryland [June 30 2003]: blood red suns, orange halo around moon, intense red clouds. ... The east sky looks red like a sunrise [June 30 2003] while the Sun is setting in the west at the same time. My location is altitude 7,000 feet in the Sacramento Mtns, of southern New Mexico. ... Sunset tonight [June 30 2003] in central Oregon was unlike anything I've ever seen. The clouds closest to the sun appeared rust colored. There was also a large red halo around the sun. ... ... Every cloud in the sky is red [July 3 2003] here in Florida just after sunset. ... I live in Milano, Italy. 4 days ago [July 10 2003], after sunset, every cloud in the sky was red or purple. ... Over here in Glasgow, Scotland [July 14 2003] the the reddish horizon but is extending far and high into the sky. ... The red dust has returned to the west coast of Florida [July 14 2003] and as thick as ever. ... The sky here in Poland is red, for the whole horizon. ... Yet another astonishingly and incredibly blood red sunset in Vancouver [July 26 2003]. For the past week. Friday, the sky and the ocean looked like it was on fire. ... Here in Italy [July 27 2003], during a storm after sunset, the sky was covered by awful red clouds. ... I noticed a brownish-red dust cloud covering the entire sky all day. [Aug 6 2003] I have never seen the red skies like we had today. ... The sky here in the UK, right now [Aug 6 2003] in the middle of night, is completly red, a dark orange red. ... The sky is brownish red and hazy [Aug 7 2003] on the West Coast ... Yes, there is a slight brownish haze in the sky [Aug 7 2003] in Central Illinois. ... Odd brownish-red haze over Vancouver [Aug 7 2003] as well. ... Michigan sunset last night [Aug 7 2003] was a very bright redish brown. ... I live in Central Utah [Aug 11 2003], no polution. The sky looked murkey and had a redish brown tint. ... I was on the West Coast yesterday and saw it there as well. I am in Oklahoma now [Aug 11 2003] and the sunrise was very red and the sky is still hazy. ... In Dallas I see the same thing, a very red and hazy sky. It has been this way for 3 days now. The local news [Aug 11 2003] is not saying anything about it but it is obvious to see. ... The sky has the same red hazey look in Denver. I have noticed this for the last few days [Aug 11 2003]. The sunsets are very red too. ... Here in Edmonton [Aug 11 2003] the sky has a red haze to the west. ... in Colorado [Aug 19 2003] the skies have turned a blood red. ... Is see the haze on the West Coast now [Aug 19 2003]. There are no wild fires anywhere near here. This is not a typical haze that you see with polution. I have never seen anything like it before. ... Today [Aug 19 2003] in Minnesota I saw the ninth blood red sunset in a row. Two days ago a very red sunrise as well. Not normal. ... Not even when Mount St Helens blew did I see such blood red skies [Aug 19 2003]. They are not just red they are blood now. Iron dust? ... I live in the borough of the Bronx. As I look to the western sky [Sep 6 2003] I am in awe that the sky is so freeky Red. The color of rust! The sky has been getting stranger, first pink then purple to red. ... These clouds [Oct 10 2003] are a deep, vibrant purply-red, where the surrounding sky is not. Go away from the sun, a few cloud layers up, and it's not like that. ... This morning [Oct 15 2003] CNN showed the Atlanta, Georgia, sky from their sky cam at about 6:35 AM before sunrise, and the sky was wall-to-wall red. A little later, the Weather Channel showed the sky over New York City before sunrise, and the sky was red there also. ... I live in upstate NY. Tonight [Oct 30 2003] at approx. 7:30 PM my son noticed a bright red cloud in the clear, dark sky in the North. Over the next hour it appeared to drift and dissipate to the East and then South. ... Tonight [Nov 30 2003] the sky is blood red here in the Bronx, NY. When the sunlight hits the clouds the red color becomes more vivid. ... About 20 minutes before sunrise in Missouri [Jan 1 2004] I observe a massive blood red sky. ... The clouds have streaks of red lines in them in Copenhagen [Jan 2 2004] and even the smoke from factory is blood red. ... The skies during sunrise and sunset in Louisiana [Jan 3 2004] are now showing an extremely red cloud of dust hovering over the horizon and extending out both to the left and right of the horizon for many miles ... In El Paso at late afternoon [Mar 31 2004] red dust was trailing down from overhead clouds ... It was very red in the entire eastern horizon before the sunrise [Mar 2 2004] in Missouri ... Red skys in Peru [Apr 2 2004] and I am talking undoubtedly obviously red most of the night ... There is an ever so imperceptible red tint [Apr 8 2004], to the air, and sometimes red rainbow flairs by the sun ...In the Midwest [Jun 2 2004], it´s wierd, has a reddish hint very late at night. ... Central Maryland [Jun 2 2004], had the reddest sunrise this AM I can remember. ... We had the most brilliant red (almost neon) sunset that we have ever seen [Aug 17 2004] here in Arizona. ... In the Vancouver area, I could not help but notice that at around 9 pm [July 12, 2007] the sky had a rosy hue, but only in the eastern sky! [Feb 12, 2008] This photo was taken at sunset. It was amazing to see the red trails.

As of June 23 2003, dramatic Red Sky was captured in photos from Florida.

and as a red glow on the SE horizon well before dawn from New Zealand, June 24 2003.

and in a Key West webcam on June 30 2003.

and in Tampa on July 3 2003

and in an Oregon webcam July 10 2003.

and at sunset in Italy July 23 2003.

and in a sunset in China Aug 6 2003.

and in a sunset in Germany Sep 24 2003

and in a sunset in Kobe, Japan Oct 1 2003

and in a South African sunset [Oct 21 2003]

and in an Israel sunset [Oct 31 2003]

and in a New York State sunset [Nov 9 2003]

and in a Maryland sunset [Jun 2 2004]

and in Vancouver [Aug 31 2004]

and in New Zealand [Apr 5, 2005]

and in Ohio [Dec 22, 2005]


 The point of red dust in the atmosphere having been made, few updates to this page will be made. As with Weather and Quake updates after the year 2000, and the Sci-Astro Debates after April, 2003, and the Photos section after May, 2004, nothing has changed, but the point has been made.