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The Passage

Copyright 1997: TXu 826-832, Updated Copyright 3/21/2009: TXu 1-629-601
Writer's Guild of America: 1340905


The film, called The Passage, embraces not only the physical passage of Planet X but the Earth’s societal passage to becoming galactic citizens, as well as a spiritual passage to nonviolent and considerate group structures versus violence and power brokering. Sample scenes from the film are:

Scene 09 Snippet: Professor Issac explains about the Cover-Up.
Scene 26 Snippet: Rancher Tom's Cattle Panic when the Earth's rotation stops.
Scene 53- 55 Snippet: A Small Plane, its compass confused, is caught in hurricane force winds.
Scene 69 Snippet: General Flood shows his intent to become an Overlord over Civilians.
Scene 71 Snippet: Billy encounters a Zeta and shares his concerns for his pole shift Tramatized Sister.
Scene 109 Snippet: Cathy doesn't understand the danger from an approaching Rogue Military troup.
Scene 146 Snippet: Billy, familiar with Alien Lifeforms, acts as a tour guide.
Request for Proposal
Film production companies and financial backers are invited to submit a Request for Proposal to the end that the film, The Passage, will be produced and distributed. Proposals will be evaluated based on their demonstrated capacity to produce and distribute films. Proposals will also be evaluated based on the production company's track record on allowing a message displaying aliens in a good light, the military in a mixed light, and a devastating cover-up effected by the media as lackeys to the establishment. In effect, the proposal must agree not to twist the message the film is relaying.
Goals and Objectives

In a fictional setting, the film provides the audience with a positive outcome to cataclysmic geological changes and social upheaval. It addresses interaction with visitors from other worlds in a manner in keeping with what contactees in reality experience. While realistic in depicting opportunistic or immature behavior, the film rewards those who show courage and a sense of responsibility toward others. In this, the film is a behavior model for the audience, while preparing the audience for potential Earth changes.


The film should be produced as soon as possible as during the current time the increased crop shortages and swam earthquakes have the populace willing to accept the likelihood of cataclysmic earth changes.


Contact the author, Nancy, with any proposals toward producing and distributing the film. The selection of a production company or acceptance of financial backing is the sole preogative of the author, Nancy.